Established in September of 2015, Trim Spaces is a Virginia based small business specializing in interior decorating with organization in mind.

Our design philosophy is: harvest your pineapple. A space, no matter how many objects are in it, is empty without your own personal touches and style. The pineapple symbolizes openness and hospitality, something that we can help you to accomplish in your own space.


We believe that there are two distinct ways to personalize your space:

Trim Down - Every thing in your space should have a purpose - whether it be for aesthetics, functionality, or nostalgia. We can help you by identifying and getting rid of those things that do not serve a purpose in your space or life!


Trim Your Space - Everyone has a wonderful and unique personality, we can help you to reflect that in your space by designing and implementing distinct and beautiful features for your space. Check out our gallery for examples.

Meet the owner


CLAIRE EVELYN: Owner & Creative Director

I'm an interior space expert who spends time designing, illustrating, styling, and organizing. I also have a passion for the environment and try to reuse and up-cycle furniture, decorative pieces, and textiles. I believe that an organized and personally decorated space truly is the key to a happy, peaceful, and productive life.

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