There are so many ways to create unique interior design pieces for Christmas, but one of Trim Spaces’ favorite decorative elements is using garlands and winter greenery! Boughs, branches, pine cones, holly…. winter greenery can be so versatile and extremely fun to bring into your home. Most of the time we picture garlands wrapped around a banister, or laying across a mantel, but I want to help you get more creative and unique this Christmas with your garlands and greenery!

One way to change up your Christmas decorating while using garlands is to hang several strings of garland straight from a wooden rod (or branch). This can be done very easily and inexpensively. It also creates a unique look that will cover more space so creates a bigger Christmas impact with less decor. I’d recommend hanging this on an empty wall, or taking down a piece of art/photographs for a few weeks and using the nail that’s already in place on the wall.

Playing off of the hanging garland idea, you can hang bunches of greenery and shape them into a Christmas tree. This has potential to get even more creative by adding a star at the top or stringing little twinkle lights through them. I’d recommend doing this for smaller apartments or homes that might not have space for a tree. You can easily do this with live greenery like firs and pines. Just use simple twine to hang them up!


Think about having Santa leave gifts under this cute little tree of boughs!

Firs, Pines, and Holly Branches are definitely the most common types of greenery used in Christmas Decor, but Eucalyptus can be absolutely gorgeous as well! Plus, if you are using live branches, you have the added benefit of the festive and therapeutic aroma in your home!


At Trim Spaces, we love functional decorations. This Christmas Card Garland is the perfect way to display all of your Christmas Cards right along with your decorative garlands!

Who says garlands need to be green? This DIY Pinecone garland is so beautiful in its minimalistic charm. I would hang these indoors or outdoors, and even criss cross them with a string of frosted light bulbs! Because this is very simple and almost delicate, it could be hung across an open space (such as a high doorway), or against a wall.  

And this pinecone sphere is so much fun, it will certainly be different from other traditional pinecone decorations that you see around the holidays!

Traditional garland strands are very popular Christmas Decorations, but there are so many ways to use greenery around Christmas. In the near future, I will be blogging about geometric designs. I love incorporating all types of shapes into my work… so why not incorporate it into Christmas Decor?

You can get so creative with these ideas, and hang them on your walls (again, take down some art or photos for the Christmas season and replace them with greenery), or on the doors in your home.

I love the half moons facing each other, it creates a whimsical feel. This could be done on a smaller scale, but personally I like the statement that the large, yet minimalistic halves make. You can easily go with a modern, clean look by using a metal hoop but if rustic is more your style, try tying twigs together and incorporating greenery in a triangle.

If you are still a fan of the traditional garland hanging, but are looking for a way to have your garland make more of a statement, Try hanging a big, beautiful garland inside a doorway (rather than on just one side. That way it decorates not one, but both rooms!


Adding bows, beads, Eucalyptus branches, pinecones, and lights can also add some fun and unique elements to your traditional garland.


I especially love these Scandinavian Wooden Bead Icicles, which give a toy-like feel to your decorations! This is great for homes with little ones.

The incorporation of Eucalyptus, Pinecones, and bows with long ribbons, is absolutely stunning on a wooden staircase. And a simple green garland with the big white bows along the bannister are great in a rustic or farmhouse style space.

However you choose to decorate for the Holiday season, I hope that this helps inspire you to get creative and try something new in your home! I would love to see photos of these ideas displayed in your home if you try them!

E-mail me ( or tag me on social media (@trimspaces) with your photos, or other ideas you might have.

Merry Christmas from my home to yours!