Finally… Be your own interior designer!

It’s a TON of fun… I promise.

Living room.PNG

You can easily learn how to design and decorate your own home.

If you feel frustrated with your space and want help from a design professional, then you’re in the right place.

You know your style and it’s awesome, but sometimes you can’t find the perfect pillow, or aren’t sure what rug would best fit your space.

Maybe you want to make your space more exciting and just have no idea where to start.

But Interior Designers, like myself, are expensive.

Hiring an interior designer will cost you at least $700 per room (and that’s a good price, most likely it will be closer to and over $1000). And that’s really just to decorate, renovations are much more.

Instead of investing in a full-time design service (don’t get me wrong, interior designers are important and provide a wonderful service, but they are not necessary in all situations), I have created a system to allow you to be your own interior designer, seriously!

And it’s way less than $700. And it works for any room, but you only have to pay ONCE!

With this process, you are sure to wow your friends and family, as well as finally fall in love with your space.

Anyone, I mean anyone, is capable of working through and successfully completing this process.

Whether you have $500 to spend on decor, or $5000.

Even if you don’t think you have the eye for it, or the skills, or the time.

You just have to follow the steps, and commit to transforming your space!

The best part is you can work through the system on your own time. You won’t be constrained by someone else’s availability or timeline.

At the end of the process you will have successfully transformed a room in your home (take it one room at a time)!

Be sure to take those outstanding before and after pictures and share them with me and your friends!

Have questions first? Ask away!